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Car Pool

Two van cars are used for the transportation: Mercedes Sprinter and Opel Movano. Important technical pieces of information are described bellow.

Technical Parameters of the Car Pool:

Mercedes Sprinter

Cargo area measurement (L x W x H): 420 x 173 x 185 cm

Cargo area capacity: 13,40 m3

Cargo area: 7,00 m2

Total weight: 3.500 kg

Utility weight: 1.350 kg

EURO Pallet capacity: 5


Opel Movano

Cargo area measurement (L x W x H): 371 x 176 x 191 cm

Cargo area: 6,55 m2

Cargo area capacity: 12,53 m3

Total weight: 3500 kg

Utility weight: 1550 kg

EURO Pallet capacity: 5

Memo: An additional hanging device with permitted loading to 2.500 kg can be added to each of the van cars.

Iveco Eurocargo 75 E 14

Cargo area measurement (L x W x H): 610 x 250 x 245 cm

Total weight: 7500 kg

EURO Pallet capacity: 15


Car Truck

We use a firm, enclosed car truck, that ensures a absolute safety during the transportation of your consignments.

Cargo area: 8 m2

Capacity: 16 m3

Utility weight: 1500 k

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